Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Could be Headed to Nintendo Switch

When we heard that Rockstar would be supporting the Nintendo Switch, the universal question posed was, "When will we see Grand Theft Auto V?" If GTA V can run on the PS3 and Xbox 360, then it should be more than viable on the Nintendo Switch. Today, we're picking up a few more tremors along the rumor fault line which suggest that GTA V is indeed Switch-bound.
Vern - who teased L.A. Noire for Switch way before its announcement - does the same with GTAV for Switch
For those of you who don't know, "Vern" is a NeoGAF member who has been quietly, subtly, dropping Nintendo Switch rumors and leads for a while on the forum. Most of his intuitions have proven to pan out. Most recently, Vern was vindicated for his premonition that L.A. Noire would make its way to the Nintendo Switch.
News broke today that L.A. Noire would run on the Nintendo Switch at optimal resolutions -- 1080p while docked, and 720p while in handheld mode. Someone on GAF asked why we couldn't get Grand Theft Auto V instead, and Vern replied, simply saying, "Patience."
We are not saying that this should be taken as gospel, or considered as a confirmation. Super Metal Dave, Laura Kate Dale, Eurogamer... We've had our fair share of Nintendo Switch prophets who were, in the end, proven to have some good leads and some not-so-good leads. No one source is infallible or should be accepted without question until these things are officially confirmed, and we have to warn you that this scoop is no different.
With that out of the way, we admit that Grand Theft Auto V on the Switch makes perfect sense. It's a time sink like no other, and the Switch's portable nature makes it perfect for open-world games. On the flip side, it's also worth pointing out that GTA V's longevity is owed in large part to the ever-changing Grand Theft Auto Online, and Nintendo is not known for having the best online infrastructure and network features. How will a game that relies so heavily on its online modes fare on the Switch?
I hope, very much, that we can find out soon! Stay tuned.

Source: comicbook